You don’t like to practice?

The question behind the question:
Do you like to play trumpet? If yes, keep reading. If not, keep reading.
If you're not enjoying playing the trumpet, can you tell why you don't like playing trumpet?
  • You don't like the sound. Trumpet in general or YOUR sound? If its YOUR sound, we can fix that!
  • it hurts. We can fix that.too.
  • You don't like the people in your class. That will change every year, so no excuse there.
  • You just don't like to work hard, because trumpet CAN be WORK! But so can any endeavor. Have you ever spent a day at 6 Flags Over Texas? That's hard work!
  • You really do not like it at ALL!! Can't fix that. But that's not usually the case….
Here's the thing:
Or you're just lazy. I can't help you. Given that, I can only assume you're lazy all the time, or that you are a slave to your slightest hedonistic
whim, whether it's video games, watching tv, hanging-out and whatever you do when your hanging-out. But…
  • First: DON'T PRACTICE! Just PLAY!
  • Play things that are fun!
  • Play things that are fun and make them sound great in the correct style.
  • PLAY exercises that you like. EX: maybe you like Clarke #2:

You can play this with hundreds of variation in speed, articulation and volume.

Or how about find some really fun songs to play? There's a link on this website to fun and easy pieces, but you have to find it.


What are you thinking and feeling when playing? Are you listening to the sound you're making? is it "awesome?" If not, then find out why not. Maybe it's your airstream, maybe it's your embouchure. Whatever the problem it can be fixed.

What are you feeling when playing? Does it feel like you are soaring on the airstream like an eagle, surfing the waves at Waikiki or skiing in the Alps?

Or does it feel like your dragging 50 lb bag of cement uphill? Or like someone parked a car on your face?

Find a way to fix it. If you can't fix, get help from a private teacher. If they can't fix it, find another one. Not every teacher has ALL the answers. No shame in saying "Hey, I've got no clue about this. Go see and let me know what says so I will know next time."

Usually when you aren't having fun, you either don't have a specific, measurable goal. And since you don't have a goal, you don't know how to get there. Get where? Exactly.
On this site you'll find methods and procedures for playing to get better each time you play. Even if you use just "The 1% Solution" you'll have a goal, a target to hit.
Play music. Work smart. But play your horn. The trumpet only amplifies YOU. It does whatever you tell it to do. Tell it to be fun! The more you play and progress, the more fun you will have.
I can't tell you everything on a web page. It's different for eveyrone who reads this page.
So I will leave you with this: Why aren't you having fun when practicing? You could be shoveling manure or digging a ditch. You hacw the privilege of playing trumpet. Make the most of it!
IF YOU AREN'T HAVING FUN, the reason is: YOU.





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