Capitalism vs. Socialism? Greed?

Capitalism:  is it "evil" as the far left claims?

No, capitalism is basically amoral. It's like a baseball bat. Used correctly it's a lot of fun; used as in "GoodFellows" it becomes evil.

It's a "thing." It's how you USE it

All "Capitalism" means is that you earn "capital," whether is money or whether you barter for goats, and you get to keep it and do with it as you wish. It's YOURS. How will you use it? Lots of good ways, like paying your bills or donating to charities or investing to earn more capital.

But it is YOUR capital. How YOU use it is the only issue.

Socialism: is it a Utopia, as the far left claims?

Socialism is a completely "different animal." You earn capital, the government takes it away. (In capitalism that's called "stealing.") They give it someone else  on their whims. Could be given to a charitable cause, but usually 2 things happen:

They keep a great percentage for themselves.

They give a great percenage to their "supportetrs," unions, PAC's or other groups designed to keep this system in place, because why should they work for their capital when they can just take it from you? Again, in capitalism we call that "stealing."

Throughout history capitalism has led to a higher standard of living, more personal freedom and a thriving and robust economy. Jefferson believed in this.

Throughout history socialism has led to repression, oppression and ultimately to either overt Communism or Fascismm then to Totalitarianism and ultimately a complete economic collapse. How else can it end when all the money is being stolen by the government/rulers and doled out irrespective of how hard YOU worked to generate capital?


Capitalism inherently amoral. CAN be abused and, often is by, the greedy.

Socialism: ALWAYS evil because it is based on THEFT by a small group of "elite" leaders. Of course, if you don't considered "theft" to be evil, let me know when you are going to be away from home and please leave the door unlocked. I will operate socialistically for you….




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