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Thought for a lifetime of great music:

Think only of beauty in your playing, and perfection WILL follow, without ever worrying or even thinking about it. Beauty precedes "perfection."

Honestly, this is true: chasing the idea of "perfection" places your focus on mistakes and trying "harder" or even "smarter," which not only takes your mind away from the very thing that makes music "music," away from the reason you play, making beautiful music. Or powerful music, or music that swings, rocks, or soars.

Now this doesn't mean you accept mistakes. Mistakes are usually not beautiful. That's the beauty of "beauty," mistakes get fewer and farther between, but also guide HOW you practice: beautifully, even if very slowly until you can play it up to speed.

And again, speed kills. Going over and over and over and over a passage faster than you can handle? You just make instability permanent. But if you play it BEAUTIFULLY at your BEST speed,  you will speed it up at exactly the pace your body and brain are capable of. YOU DON'T have to THINK about it. You just play they most BEAUTIFUL music you can hear in your head ALL the time. It's fun! YOU are making that beautiful music!

I'm sure someone has aid this before, but I've never heard it put this way, so I did.

However, I will not give away the flutterbuzz secrets for free. 😉 Neither will Delaney

Caveat: you will never play better than the sound in your head, ergo, you must listen to beautiful music from a variety of artists. A trumpet player can learn a tremendous amount about beautiful playing from vocalists, cellists, violinists, pianists…everything!

FInally – when I say playing beautifully, here are some "beautiful" trumpet sounds (In no particular order): Alison Balsom, Wynton Marsalis, Bud Brisbois, Maynard Ferguson, Del Staigers, Hakan Hardenberger, Jens Lindemann, Maurice Andre, Nick Drozdoff, Ole Edvard Antonsen, Doc Severinsen, Rick Baptiste, Wayne Bergeron, Clifford Brown, Bill Chase, Malcolm McNabb and SO many more! Notice these are not all legit players. Some can light a cigarette with a Double High C at 50 paces. Beauty is in the ear of the behearer (?). Some people even think Brittany _______ is a good singer. They're wrong, obviously. 😉

Think and play beautifully. It will change your life!

I shared this message at some point earlier but since it expresses a point that rings so true from my point of view, I am presenting it here. If you have any doubts about your abilities to create music and sound good at it, then please read carefully…

The greatest lesson that I ever learned when it comes to my piano experience strangely has nothing to do with the "how to"s of anything, whether it be scales, chords, improvisation, or any other musical rudiments, for that matter.

It's true, and I didn't learn it until I had endured about 9 years of piano lessons…

But you know something? It changed everything for me. It really did.

What was it? In a nutshell, here it is:

It's very easy to come to the wrong conclusion that everything you've learned up to any given point in time is what you are capable of. This results from placing too much trust in the falsehood that the authorities (including people and materials) that you have been exposed to have anything at all to do with your personal potential. In any given area, there is always someone who knows something that you don't and who knows more than the people who have taught you. No exceptions. Once you accept this truth as your reality, you break the chains of limitation and you realize something you never did before: nothing can hold you back from realizing your goals and dreams. That is, nothing but what exists between your own two ears. Stop believing what's there and you've unlocked the code to personal potential.

From Dave Longo at  http://www.free-easy-piano-lessons.com/piano-improvisation-2.html

And he's 100% correct! It's NOT what you've been taught. It's that plus everything that's "built in." Many of us have fallen into the trap of "I am only what I've been taught." If you watch  What It Takes to Be Number 1 (below) you'll hear that Coach Lombardi doesn't talk much about what a great coach he was. He talks about what the players must have. And it's all already in you. Are you going to use it? That's the question. Use it…or lose it.

Coming Soon: Range Building for the very, very undisciplined student.

The MAGIC of Pedal C

What It Takes to Be Number 1

What does it take to be number one? Winner of five NFL Championships and Super Bowls I and II, Green Bay Packer Coach Vince Lombardi was at the top of his game, both on and off the field. His secrets to winning are captured in a book for Simple Truths, What it Takes to Be Number One, written by his son, Vincent Lombardi, Jr. The Lombardi philosophy transcends any sport and captures the fundamentals of success in business or life: Commitment, Discipline, Excellence, Mental Toughness, Habits, Faith, Passion, Results and Truth. What it Takes to Be Number One is based upon the legendary coach's most famous speech and provides the game plan for you to be a winner in whatever you choose to do.


  • Adolf Herseth: Every time you sound good your breathing is good.
  • Tom Landry: If you are prepared, you will be confident and you will do the job.
  • Maurice Andre: Often I hear people say,” He is gifted, he doesn't need to work". This is wrong. I am convinced that I work much more than all the others.
  • Vincent Van Gogh: What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?
  • Yogi Berra : You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are
    going, because you might not get there."


The word for the year is…"CONSISTENCY." Persistent consistent practice is where most players depart from the path of excellence.



Lesson from beyond the grave:



Schedule? e-mail me at drj@ocdtrumpet.com, text me or come by my theory class. I can comfortably do 2 one hour lessons back to back before I am mentally and physically wasted; after school and Saturday from 9-11 am and 12-2 pm (I need the break!)


I do not have a Ph.D., unless you count the "School of Hard Knocks." If so, I have a self-proclaimed  Ph.D in overcoming physical damage and re-building broken chops, playing after cervical fusions, severe sciatica, crown on ONE front tooth, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea.

" Dr. J" was bestowed upon me by my students in 1980, co-opting the title from the  "real" Dr. J, Julius Erving, who appeared as "Dr. Chopstick" in this commercial. I always have Chapstick with me….deduce. 😉

If I could go back to school, I would earn it, even at my advanced age. My advice to you: whatever you love doing, clarify what it is that you love about it, what you want to do every day for for the rest of your life (forget retirement) and what you must do NOW to be sure that happens. More on that later.



The same principles apply to all instruments:
















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